Friday, May 10, 2013

Do you remember meeee

Helloooo here I am do hope you remember me lol.

Have been having a bit of a rough patch and also like others,just soooo busy but here I am.

Do hope you are all ok and if you have also been having a tough time,sending you HUGE HUGGLES.

Well the pic above is of me giant crochet pot jacket,not clever enough to get the before n after pics right so sorry about that.Anyway the inspiration for this jacket came from some mini one's on Lucy's blog Attic 24,I have posted about her in previous blogs so if you want her blog addy would you mind looking up the post.

I did this with chunky in 2 strands of wool,one pink and one green.Doooo hope you likey.

Have a lovely weekend,I am rushing out to take Harvey the beagle for walkies.Huge Huggles to all me bloggin buddy's.xxxx


catherine said...

So lovely to hear from you lee and hope things are ok for you. Sorry to hear it has been a bit rough lately. I think we all have these moments and mine is stressful at the moment with moving house. Hope to see you here again soon and the crocheting looks good.
x catherine

kay said...

Do hope things improve for you lee, love the pot holder,have to admit to following attic24 blog myself as love her projects x

tilly said...

Welcome back Lee...... kept thinking I would email to see if you were okay, but things have been busy here, I hope everything has settled down and you are well.
I love your pot cover and I wish my plants were so healthy looking lol
Tilly xx

Mau xx said...

Hi sweet lady, How good to see you :)
Hope things are settled down again and that you are well.
Love the Cover and such pretty colours together.
I am knitting again at present, quite enjoying it and I get more time to sit with hubby on an evening :)) not done any crochet for a good few years but loved it.
Huge Hugs Mau xx

Attic24 said...

THe cover is lovely, such a gorgeous shape xxxxxxxx

Curt in Indy said...

How fun is this? I've never seen a "pot jacket". What a great way to dress up your plants! Great colors too. Hope you are doing better! Hugs, Curt

Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

Hi Lee, how are you?
Sorry about the weather - it's my fault. I got out my flip flops and summer clothes the other day - that's guaranteed to bring on a cold spell!!
Cute little pot cover - haven't seen one of those before.
Caroline xxx

Glenda Atkins said...

Hi Lee, I am back from my holiday and was so delighted to see a message from your on my site. So very wonderful to hear from you. Adore your giant crocheted pot jacket. I will return your hug for the tough times you have been through. Hope all will get or is better for you.

hugs and smiles from me

As.I.Do.Rodos. said...

Great to see you love the pot take care Ginny x

Julie Kitchener said...

Hi Lee I do love the cover you made!!! you clever thing!
I do hope your doing ok! (hugs)x