Thursday, January 8, 2015

Our back garden

Hi all.I'm posting a few pics of Ronni as I want to keep a record,he is getting on in years as I told you.I was looking back on some of his pics and found this one of him on our back garden wall.I think we hadn't long moved in then as the fence has not been painted lol.Do you like our views looking up to St.Agnes Beacon.Wouldn't live anywhere else,we have ocean views at the front,ok ok sorry to brag heee heee.Happy Thursday,hope you are all well.Huggles xxxx


As.I.Do.Rodos. said...

Fabulous photo Ginny x

Janette said...

Oh Lee you are lucky, as you know Cornwall is the most beautiful of places and I so love it, oh to be able to see the girl...Happy New Year

kay said...

Love the view lee x

Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

Oh, stop Lee, you're making me so jealous :-)
Happy New Year. Hope you are both well. Will email soon.
Caroline xxx

Liz McGuire, said...

Wow Lee, you are one lucky lady to live in such a beautiful place.

Hope you are well, Liz x

Donna Mosley said...

Lovely photo Lee, gorgeous view. Ronni & Duffy are both little darlings. You must love them to bits hun, cats are such good company aren't they hun?

Donna x

Liz McGuire, said...
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Primroses Attic said...

Lovely to look back Lee.
You are so lucky to have such views. We only have a view down towards our village.