Friday, February 27, 2015

Spring is on it's way

Hi all,hope you are all well and looking forward to your weekend.It is going to be wet here ! no surprise there then lol.

Thought I would show you my "Cornish Daffs",aren't they beautiful, so big and healthy.I always have fresh flowers next to my beloved brother's photo,it is 6yrs since his life was tragically taken by another,can't quite believe it.Anyway this is not a morbid or sad post,I feel like at long last I have turned a corner and can celebrate his life and our "Happy Memories" of him.He was quite the dude,being a musician,very talented song writer and poetry,he was also a very good photographer,had a wicked sense of humour,used to have us falling off our chairs with laughter.

Ok,have a good and happy weekend.See ya all soon.Huggles xx

EDIT: Forgot to say,We have changed our Internet provider,I think I can still receive emails at the moment,will have a new email addy sooooon though.xx


Viv's Visuals said...

Beautiful sunny Daffs next to a really nice pic of your brother Lee. 'Nothing loved is ever lost'.
Thanks for calling in to see me - your comments are lovely!xx

Primroses Attic said...

Beautiful picture Lee. And beautiful Daffs. I too losted my youngest brother but by his own hand. I miss him so much and still
have days when I shed a tear. But he will always be with me in my heart.
Hugs Rosezeeta.

Donna Mosley said...

Very beautiful daffodils Lee and a lovely photo of you brother hun. Got your lovely email and thank you, you're a love. Huge hugs.

Donna x

Janette said...

Gorgeous Daffs; Lee and so nice to see your brother, smiling out at you....I agree with the comment above, nothing loved is ever lost, so true....
Have a good day sweetie.xx

tilly said...

Beautiful flowers for your lovely Brother, I am pleased you can now think happy thoughts of him, love the little vase holder, it's very pretty.
don't forget to share your new email addy
Hugs Tilly x

Helen Philipps said...

Beautiful Cornish daffodils, together with a very special picture of your dear brother. I am glad you can now remember all the happy times.
Helen xox

Chickpea said...

What a lovely photo, glad that you can look back with happy memories now xx

JoZquilts said...

What a lovely tribute to your brother. He looks so cool!
I am so glad you can celebrate him with this lovely photo and your message. The pain never goes away, it's just easier to deal with.
BTW you can get hexagon templates of all sizes in free print outs, just google "free hexagon templates" and they are there. Then you just print them and cut them out. I put an extra sheet or two behind and get more saves printing ink!...
Love Jo x